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About Us

Jebo Connect is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP), primarily providing Internet access in the Greater Bredasdorp area.

As many other related companies, our company was established in 2016, we form part of the Jebo Group established in 2004.As we started playing around with wireless networks to solve our own problems we realised our own problems can be a business helping others with the same problem. We started small and installed our first tower (a wooden pole in the middle of nowhere), it was not long before we replaced it with a proper tower, since then we never looked back. Since 2017 we had phenomenal growth in network size and our customer base. With built-in redundancy and several days of power backup, we continue to grow and strive to be 100% online. We are constantly expanding and upgrading our network and inventing new ways to make it better and faster. Our vision is to bring reliable and affordable "always on" internet services to the Overberg community.


ICASA: 1134/CECNS/SEP2018 & 1134/CECS/SEP2018 
ASN: 328474
Registration: 2017 / 343780 / 07
VAT: 432 028 0284
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46 Church Street

Tel: 028 125 0100
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