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Our Story

Jebo Connect started as a "hobby" in 2016 providing wireless network connectivity in Bredasdorp. Shortly after we realized there is a lack of proper internet connectivity in the area. We started exploring wireless internet and had our first paying internet subscriber shortly after. This was the start of Jebo Connect ISP...

It wasn't long before we had to expand, upgrade and broaden our wireless coverage area. We’ve increased our coverage and customer base on a daily bases, upgrading and keeping ahead of demand and growing a healthy and well performing network. We have since moved from an internet re-seller to a full tier 2 internet service provider with our own public IP space and peering with big networks and service / content providers providing the best and shortest path your internet content.

We have partnered with Open Access Fibre networks, providing high speed fibre internet connectivity nationally, increasing our service area from only the Overberg, to National.

Today we run a network capable of supporting many households and businesses with no intention to stop here...

Our Network Is Smart

This includes:


Our network is built with redundancy in-mind. Our key sites have multiple up-links - Allowing automatic fail-over if a network failure should occur. 


With active network monitoring, we can quickly and effectively detect and resolve network issues before they become critical


Our Main office and network POP is run by a combination of utility and solar power. During sunny days, our office runs solely on solar.
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